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NABS Officers and Board of Directors

NABS' directors are members elected by the membership at the Annual Election.  If you are a NABS member and are interested in serving on the board or any committee, please contact the nominating committee chair, Bob Benson

NABS is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit corporation which functions in accordance with its duly adopted Bylaws (PDF format)

President Bernie Daniel (OH)  
1st VP for Affiliate Relations Phil Berry (FL)  
2nd VP for Community Relations Jim Burke (SC)  
Secretary Kathy Kremnitzer (MD)  
Treasurer Jim Engelbrecht (NY)  
Directors Bob Benson (MA) Stan Fisher (MD)
  Phil Berry (FL) Allen Jackson (NJ)

Jane Brockway (MT)

Chuck James (TN)

  Jim Burke (SC) Kathy Kremnitzer (MD)

Vicki Butler (CA)

Jim McLochlin (NE)
  Dave Cook (CA) Linda Schamberger (NY)

Kevin Corwin (CO)

John Schuster (CA)
Bernie Daniel (OH) Bet Zimmerman Smith (CT)
  Jim Engelbrecht (NY)

Del Straub (MT)


  Members (chairperson listed first)
Executive Bernie Daniel (OH), Phil Berry (FL), Kathy Kremnitzer (MD), Jim Burke (SC), Jim Engelbrecht (NY)
Awards Dave Cook (CA), Greg Beavers (IN), Kathy Kremnitzer (MD), Sherry Linn (BC)
Education Bernie Daniel (OH), John Schuster (CA), Bet Zimmerman Smith (CT), Chuck James (TN)
Facebook Linda Schamberger (NY, Kathy Kremnitzer (MD)
Finance Jim Engelbrecht (NY), Greg Beavers (IN), Bernie Daniel (OH), Del Straub (MT)
Grants Anne Strum (MD), Greg Beavers (IN), Stan Fisher (MD), Sherry Linn (BC), Bet Zimmerman Smith (CT)
NABS Hotline Bob Benson (MA, Bernie Daniel(OH), Kathy Kremnitzer (MD)
Journal Advisory Dave Cook (CA), Vicki Butler (CA), Bernie Daniel (OH), Benjamin Leese (PA), Dick Tuttle (OH)
Membership Jim Burke (SC), Jackie Berry (FL), Phil Berry (FL), Tena Taylor (MS)
Nestbox Bob Benson (MA), Kevin Berner ( NY), Bernie Daniel, PhD (OH), Stan Fisher (MD), Allen Jackson (NJ), Kathy Kemnitzer (MD), Myrna Pearman (AB), John Schuster (CA), Bet Zimmerman Smith (CT), Steve Eno (ex officio) (NE)
Nominating Vicky Butler (CA), Phil Berry (FL), Dave Cook (CA)
Speakers Bureau Dave Cook, (CA)
Website Jim McLochlin (NE)

Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

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